Travel Fuels my soul

This world is an amazing world.

With its vibrant colors of nature. The purpose of every living thing, and their contribution to sustain the cycle of its beauty, in spite of the disaster the world may uphold.



Chile is a place of beauty. People of value and hope. An atmosphere of survival and comfort. Chile was a stimulating experience that imposed new and creative thinking; and to see the world with a new vision along with a new perspective.



Paracas, a west coast town in Peru, is a place of culture. A creative atmosphere that values nature as part of their daily lives. Peru being such an amazing place with its historical architectures, diverse living, and beautiful beaches, is an experience worth going back to. The kind of exeperience where you would only gain.....



Our mind plays the role of a flashdrive, we give it memories. Though our past does not determine our future, our memories play a part in our character…..