Angela Cuff is an ambitious soul...

with a warm heart for people. She believes that life experiences are lessons that are not to be kept secret, but are to be used to give others hope in their own existence.She believes that people have the desire, but lack courage to step out and be who they are, but are being victimized by their past, their state of mind and the negativeness of human nature.


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"What a Tragedy"

"What a tragedy"

An Angela Cuff Production

Her writings are her offerings of hope.

Angela Cuff grew up in Miami, Florida, the youngest of 9 children. North Miami Beach senior high school is her alma mater, and is currently studying Business Administration. Angela was never a writer. In fact, writing essays were the assignments she hated most in high school. Angela started her book "What A Tragedy" on June 26, 2017. She is currently working on her second book with her first book being an introduction. Angela loves to travel to gain new perspectives and fresher outlooks on life. 


As I pour out my thoughts, I pray I reach many. My passion for people is a passion I’m unable to ignore.



welcome to my world

With its vibrant colors of nature. The purpose of every living thing, and their contribution to sustain the cycle of its beauty, in spite of the disaster the world may uphold.

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"What a tragedy"

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